I am a freelance artist and illustrator seeking opportunities in the music, game, and film industries. I am a graduate of San Jose State University and hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Animation/Illustration. My passion for art drives me to seek new ways to challenge myself daily. I work with both digital and traditional media and love to design. Aside from art, I compose, write, and play guitar for my band, Symbiotic.



Bands: Symbiotic, Ominous Ruin, Mordant Rapture, Enigma, Plague Phalanx, Burial In The Sky, Hatred Reigns, Tegmentum, iZO, Ritual Sound Records


"Nate is a visionary and a great communicator, he was swift to respond and work on fresh drafts with enthusiasm and provided exactly what we needed ahead of schedule" 

Dan Saltzman - Enigma